About Bathe and Salt

Established over 45 years ago, Bathe and Salt has built a sterling reputation as a renowned exporter of Himalayan salt. With a legacy steeped in excellence, we take immense pride in offering high-quality salt products that are certified IOS and halal. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a preferred choice for customers worldwide.

Specializing in bulk exports, a remarkable 80% of our Himalayan salt products are shipped in bulk, catering to various industries and sectors. The remaining 20% is thoughtfully packaged for retailers, ensuring that our premium salt products reach consumers' homes with the same purity and freshness.

Our monthly sales volume exceeds an impressive 200 containers, a testament to the trust and confidence our global clientele places in our products. With a strong presence in the UAE, Oman, China, Europe, and the USA, we are honored to share the goodness of Himalayan salt with discerning customers across the globe.

white sand on beach during daytime
white sand on beach during daytime

At Bathe and Salt, we believe that the key to our success lies in the dedication and expertise of our team. With over 500 employees working in the mining and manufacturing sectors, we meticulously extract, process, and package our salt products to maintain the highest standards.

We understand the significance of sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. As such, we are committed to minimizing our ecological impact, ensuring that every step of our production process aligns with eco-friendly principles.

Whether you're seeking the ideal seasoning for culinary delights, crafting luxurious spa experiences, or exploring the myriad health benefits of Himalayan salt, Bathe and Salt is here to cater to your needs.

Our website is a reflection of our passion for Himalayan salt and the pride we take in sharing it with the world. Explore our comprehensive range of premium salt products, and experience the exquisite essence of the Himalayas in every grain.

Our principles

We are committed to delivering the highest quality Himalayan salt products, ensuring purity and authenticity.

Customer Satisfaction

Sustainable Sourcing

Quality Assurance

We prioritize sustainable sourcing practices, working directly with local communities to support their livelihoods and preserve the environment.

Our utmost priority is to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

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